Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Java Newsletter

As a side-project, I started The Java Newsletter some time ago. The Java Newsletter is an email newsletter. Subscribers receive weekly tips on the Java programming language.

Sign up for the Java Newsletter here.

I read sometime ago that the world of blog-followers and RSS feed readers is somewhat a minority of Internet users. Most people - including developers - are best served via newsletters, directly in their email inbox. This got me thinking. Java is something I know well. There are millions of Java developers. I could write on enough Java topics to keep a weekly email list going for at least a year. It takes about an hour per week to create an article, test the code, proof-read it, and to send it. Why not give it a go?

I used Wufoo to create a simple sign-up form, for free.

I used MailChimp to manage the list of subscribers and to send the weekly email.

Topics come from Effective Java, StackOverflow, and my head.

I bought the javanewsletter.com domain for about $10 from GoDaddy.

I'm using an existing under-utilised "slice" I have at SliceHost to host the single-page website.

To promote the list, I've done little so far. I put a link on the Poker Copilot blog, on my Hacker News profile, and on my StackOverflow profile.

Currently I have 56 subscribers. I hope to see this list grow to thousands of subscribers within a year or so. I'm pretty sure I can achieve this if I'm diligent, persistent, and patient. I'm also keenly reading various articles on how to best run an email newsletter.


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