Dubbiya now sorta working on iPhone

It turns out that Dubbiya, my entity-relationship diagram maker in-the-browser tool, works somewhat on iPhone and Android. But you couldn't move entities around. On a desktop computer in JavaScript you use mousedown, mousemove, and mouseup events to track what the user does with the mouse. Using these I've implemented the moving around of entities. On the iPhone, you don't have a mouse, and therefore these events don't work. However there are touchstart, touchmove, and touchend events. They are similar to the mouse events, but not quite the same. Now you can whip out your iPhone or (hopefully) Android device, or even (again hopefully because I ain't got a) iPad, open Safari, go to Dubbiya, and move the entities around by dragging them. While testing this, I dropped my iPhone YET AGAIN. Another crack opened in the case, another small piece of plastic flew off. I wonder how many more drops my iPhone can survive. The iPhone is roughly two years old, so maybe these drops will give me the excuse to buy a new one.


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