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Google Earth's Dali-esque Bridges

When Google Earth goes 3D, it doesn't handle bridges too well...

Two Ways to Stop Niagara Falls

The site in in French, but the photos are readable in any language.The first time was when it was cold enough in 1911 to freeze the falls.The second time was in 1969 when the US Army's Engineer Corps diverted the water to check the erosion.

iPhone Apps I recommend #4

iPhones come with a weather app. There are probably many free and paid alternatives. However I like WeatherPro. It has sunset time, sunrise time, moon phase, 3-hourly forecasts for rain and sun, and multiple locations.

iPhone Apps I recommend: #3

When iPhone apps first became available I dreamt of a new type of digital guidebook. You would carry it in your iPhone and it would use the assorted features of your iPhone to be more helpful than paper guidebooks. It could be more up-to-date, released more often, and available per city.The first attempts to do this were dreadful. By now, some years later, we've got the excellent TimeOut travel guide apps. I use the TimeOut Barcelona app often, even though I am not a tourist but a resident. Want to find a recommended cafe within a few minutes walk of your current location? It does that. Offline maps? It has that too. Reviewed restaurants, night life, museums, and hotels are all there.At the time of writing there are TimeOut apps for 16 cities. I hope the model is widely copied.

iPhone Apps I recommend: #2

You know those times you are staying in a mountain cabin with friends, and you go outside at night? It is so much darker than city nights and you gaze together at the billions of stars. Then you try to show off to each other, by naming constellations. Everybody knows Orion, but otherwise you are mostly just guessing.That's why I love Star Chart. Using the GPS in your phone and other sensors, it can tell where you are and where the phone is facing. So point the phone towards the star, planet, or constellation you want to identify, and it tells you all. Mountain cabins often lack mobile phone reception, so gratefully this app works offline. Not only is it useful, it is beautiful.

iPhone Apps I recommend: #1

I live in Spain. I don't yet have data on my iPhone in Spain. Sometimes I drive around Spain and want a quality low-cost GPS/Navigation app for my phone that doesn't require live Internet connection.I've tried a few options and settled on GPS Navigation 2 as the best of the bunch. It is cheap, it has offline mode, it works well, and you can buy data on a country-by-country basis. Or on a continent-by-continent basis.