Google Going Backwards?

I try not to rant or be negative when blogging…but…in recent months i've been puzzled by Google. I use many of their sites daily. Those sites seemed to keep improving. But I've been noticing some going backwards. Becoming harder to use. Becoming cluttered, confusing, and surprising. The three in particular that really get to me:

* Google Mail

* Google Reader

* Google Groups

* Google Search (search for 'Foobar', then click on the "images" link in the top menu, then "Maps", then "News". Images and Maps keep the search phrase, News doesn't. Puzzling. This behaviour differs on the left-hand menu. Damn puzzling.)

I realise these are free offerings, so I might have no right to complain. I agree. I just can't figure out why these web sites are getting worse. Especially given that they are most likely widely used internally at Google. Surely people at Google are also frustrated by the changes.


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