My Thoughts on Developing Apps for iPad

I purchased my first iPad last week. I bought it for the purpose of developing iPad apps. Why?

In the last three months of 2011, Apple sold 15.4 million iPads. A lot? Yes. Current trend? Upwards. Way upwards.

Buying apps on an iPad is mostly an low-friction impulse purchase.

An iPad is expensive. Someone who can afford an iPad is likely to have a reasonably high level of disposable income.

There are many iPad apps already, the vast majority of which earn little to no money. This is because developing a simple iPad is just challenging enough for a software developer with a new iPad to enjoy, while being just easy enough to complete. However these developers usually don't realise that running a successful business involves more than just realising a simple app, then sitting back sipping cocktails on a Caribbean beach. A successful business requires skill, persistence, and luck.

My feeling is that if I create some apps that appeal to people, then listen to feedback, and improve, improve, improve, this can be a viable business. Does it require some luck? Indeed. But it also requires business skills, software development skills, an ability and willingness to continually learn, and the secret ingredient: persistence.




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