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How Wikipedia has altered my expectations

I was reading an article on Der Spiegel. It claims, But others argue that the state is simply supporting bad employment practices.I implicitly added a small [who?] text after the sentence.

A Sneaky Way to Encourage Users to Buy Software


Smoking and the Nazi War on Cancer

Wow. If this is accurate, German scientists under the Nazi regime definitively linked smoking to cancer and initiated a large-scale anti-smoking campaign.I now begin to understand how companies I worked for in Germany still had optional smoking offices. That Nazi spectre looms large, and only now are the last people with strong memories of living under the Nazis dying off.

Using Ruby for iOS applications

This is big news for iPad and iPhone developers. The headline says it all:Ruby + iOS = Super awesome!
Are you fed up with Objective-C? Now, you can build iOS apps with Ruby (mruby)!.I'd like to see a Python equivalent one day. The pedigree is good; it is from the creator of MacRuby.