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China has a "strategic pork reserve"

Really.From the new and excellent Quartz.

Apple maps have changed the name of my street

I installed iOS 6 today on my iPad and iPhone. The "Maps" app is no longer "Google Maps"; it is now "Apple Maps". Fine by me, except all the street names here in Barcelona have the actual Catalan names replaced with Spanish equivalents.For example, my street is no longer "Carrer de Bailén" but is "Calle de Bailén". The nearest cross street is not "Carrer de Córsega" but is "Calle de Córcega".My office seems to have moved from "Passeig d'Amunt" to "Paseo Amunt".This is somewhat inconvenient for me. For the native residents of Barcelona it is probably insulting.

The Best Objective-C IDE is written in...

…not Objective-C.I'm working on a new mini-project, SeeingStars. This show real time poker odds for PokerStars. I'm writing it in Objective-C, as an opportunity to improve my rather basic Objective-C skills. I'm using AppCode, an Objective-C IDE from JetBrains which makes programming in Objective-C a more pleasant experience, compared to Apple's own, free Objective-C IDE Xcode.And the ironic thing? AppCode is written in Java.

IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, RubyMine, AppCode 50% off

If you are a believer in using damn fine tools in your work as a software craftsperson, this is an offer you don't want to miss. JetBrains is offering 50% off their excellent programming tools.