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Moral Machines

I love this piece in The New Yorker on driverless cars that may have to make "ethical" decisions.

Working in the "Rain"

A nice website I found today: Rainy Mood (Rain Makes Everything Better)

The Technology is Not Quite There Yet

I'm taking a flight tomorrow. I put the details in my Google Calendar.A reminder appeared 24 hours in advance on my iPhone. And on my iPad. And on my office iMac. And on my home MacBook Pro. And twice in my Google Mail. And OS X's Mail program, which I don't normally use, opened on both computers.One reminder would be sufficient.

Yakuza: The Worst of the the Worst

Goroawase is a kind of wordplay using words based on the sound of numbers. A famous example is the word for the Japanese mafia, yakuza, which comes from yattsu (eight), kyu (nine), san (three). Hanafuda is a traditional Japanese card game where the worst possible hand combination consists of an eight, a nine and a three. The yakuza are the worst of the worst.That's from an interview with my friend, writer Aidan Doyle.