Copy Clipboard between computers: A solved (for Macs) problem

For years, I've found it painful to copy a fragment of text, such as computer code, or config settings, from one computer to another. I've often wanted the clipboard contents to magically be shared between computers. I've tried many approaches - some manual, some using third-party software that had to be installed on each computer.

I believe this problem is now solved in Mountain Lion, via OS X's "Notes" application and iCloud. If you have note-sharing iCloud activated on your Mac, which I think is the default behaviour, then copying a fragment of text between computers - any two OS X computers goes like this:

  1. Using Spotlight on computer A, open Notes
  2. Paste into Notes
  3. Using Spotlight on computer B, open Notes
  4. Wait a couple of seconds for syncing to make the new note appear on computer B
  5. Select text and copy into clipboard

As an added bonus, the content is shared with the Notes app on iPads and iPhones.

Alas, Evernote, you were a pretty good solution, but you required me to download and install Evernote on each device I used.


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