Experimenting with Help Desk software

Until now, I’ve done all customer support using email. For the last month or so, I’ve had someone assisting with customer support for the first time in 5 years+ of running my software company. It quickly became apparent that plain old email might work for one, but with two people sharing customer support duties, it is not a great solution.

We’re trying a web application called Snappy. It’s been a couple of weeks, and so far, so good. It is clearly a new product as there are many slight tweaks that could be done, and some important features missing, most notably inline images in customer support responses. But over all it seems simple yet powerful. 

What I like most of all about Snappy is that their own customer support team are super-responsive. As in, I-find-and-report-a-problem-on-Sunday-and-they-rectify-it-on-the-live-website-on-Monday super-responsive. Can’t beat that.


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