T-16: Detecting Number of Players in Hand

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Today I devised a simple way to determine how many players are still in the hand. This is essential information for calculating the odds.

It turns out that when using a suitable theme and table layout in PokerStars, if you grab the screenshot and convert it to a two-colour black-and-white no-shades-of-grey image, you get a splash of easily-detectable white in well-defined locations for each player still in the hand.

Here’s an example screenshot of having this done:


Now all I have to do is check certain pixel locations for white. Heads Up, 6-max, and 10-max tables all have the splashes of white at different places. So SeeingStars will check anywhere a player could be located, count the number of white dots and use that as the number of non-hero players still in the hand.



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