T-17: Outsourcing design tasks

T - 17 days until I release SeeingStars: Real Time Odds for PokerStars on Mac OS X

Have I got enough time to get SeeingStars ready by my self-appointed deadline? I don't know, and I'm beginning to stress about it. I'll do my best, but I'm aware that I'm now depending on getting multiple tasks completed, by myself or others, AND have left no contingency for unexpected problems. The heat is on...
Having rediscovered the power of outsourcing small tasks to others, I've outsourced the creation of a OS X application icon for Seeing Stars. I did this via oDesk. This is a well-thought website for connection businesses with self-employed translators, designers, coders, content writers, and so on. I used other similar websites, and they are okay, but I think oDesk has done a good job of using nudges and systems to keep the quality high, the communications good, and the expectations realistic.
I discovered today that SeeingStars won't run for on most Macs, because I forgot to do an esoteric but essential task called "code-signing". Without this, Mac apps won't run. I think I'm going to need to recruit a tester very soon to help catch these problems.


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