T-18: Automating some things

T - 18 days until I release SeeingStars: Real Time Odds for PokerStars on Mac OS X

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There was no report yesterday; it was Sunday, the weather was glorious, and I had guests, so I spent most of the day away from the computer.

Today I've been automating the process of turning my SeeingStars code into a Mac app, ready to be downloaded and run by you. Tedious stuff, and doing this is even more tedious than explaining it. But it is so important that I have a simple one-step task to do all this. Ideally the one-step task will create SeeingStars, upload it, and update a website with a link to the new update. I'm not there yet.

Today, I also met with and commissioned someone to create a simple 3-page website for SeeingStars.

Want to try out SeeingStars already? Download it here. But don't expect much - it won't yet tell you your odds!


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