T-22: SeeingStars now detecting PokerStars

T - 22 days until I release SeeingStars: Real Time Odds for PokerStars on Mac OS X

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Finally, with barely three weeks to go until launch, I've started work on the actual functions of SeeingStars. Today I made SeeingStars continually monitor your computer for any instance of PokerStars. It detects the main PokerStars software, as well as the various country- or region-specific variants, such as PokerStarsES for Spain.

When it can't find PokerStars, it says so. When it can, it says so. It checks every half a second for a change in the situation.

Although this seems like a basic task that a human can perform without needing software to help, it is a good step forward. That's because it shows that PokerStars is now able to detect and interact with other applications.

Some rather basic screenshots. When PokerStars is not running:

Screen Shot 2013 10 17 at 7 35 44 PM

When PokerStars is running:

Screen Shot 2013 10 17 at 7 35 58 PM


I've learnt from a few years of developing Poker Copilot that it is important to make it easy to add or remove other poker rooms as they are created. So right from the start I've separated the information about various PokerStars clients from the main SeeingStars code. 

Download SeeingStars build #2 here.


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