T-24: A Completely Featureless Product Now Available for Download

T - 24 days until I release SeeingStars: Real Time Odds for PokerStars on Mac OS X

I escaped from the yesterday’s circles and managed to produce a Mac application bundle that can be downloaded and run. It’s big, roughly 60 MB, and it is useless so far. But it is there, and I can recreate it on demand, as I start adding functionality.

Try it out: Download SeeingStars build 1 from the SeeingStars preview page. All things going well (and if you have Mac OS X 10.8+), it will run, and show you a simple screen:

Screen Shot 2013 10 15 at 6 20 36 pm

From this, hopefully, a good product will grow.

I contacted a graphic designer today to create a nice application icon. Currently I’m using the default for new applications made with Xcode:

Screen Shot 2013 10 15 at 6 21 57 pm

Let’s see what he can do.


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