T-28: You can Now Buy and Register SeeingStars

T - 28 days until I release SeeingStars: Real Time Odds for PokerStars on Mac OS X

I created an empty application today and called it SeeingStars. So that's what I'll add bits to over the next month to make it a product. The first thing I added to the empty application was a registration system. You know, the thing that says, "This is a 30-day trial. Wanna register?"

Getting the basics of sales and registration into a new product is easier when you already have this in a mature product. Today I took the registration system from Poker Copilot and inserted it into SeeingStars. It works.

This means that although SeeingStars doesn't yet exist, it is possible to buy SeeingStars, receive a working license key, and - when the product is available - unlock the 30 day trial.

The empty window that will become SeeingStars:Screen Shot 2013 10 11 at 4 48 39 PM


The message at start-up that you'll see when first opening SeeingStars:Screen Shot 2013 10 11 at 4 48 37 PM

The working license key activation.

tScreen Shot 2013 10 11 at 4 49 05 PM


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