T-29: Housekeeping

T - 29 days until I release SeeingStars: Real Time Odds for PokerStars on Mac OS X

 I took advantage today of my existing code and tools to do some housekeeping tasks for SeeingStars. I now have:

  • a new project in source control. I use GitHub, because I no longer want to maintain a server for this. I pay GitHub $7 a month.
  • a new project in my issue tracking software. I use FogBugz. Silly name, reasonable product, free for my usage level.
  • a new project in my code editor. I'm using Java 8, which is still not officially released. Why? Because I want to and I can! It is great having your own company.
  • a new product in online store. I use FastSpring. I love this company. For 5 years I've used them to handle Poker Copilot's online store. There's never been any major problem. They answer all my support queries quickly. They pay promptly. They've consistently improved their offering year after year.
Now it's actually possible to buy SeeingStars already; the online store is here. For now the store looks like Poker Copilot's store; I'll need to work out a better solution there. In the future however, as this is not critical for releasing version 1.0.


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