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SeeingStars: How It Looks

I’ve more or less settled on the user interface for SeeingStars. Here’s what you’ll see when you are playing at PokerStars with SeeingStars running:Notice the little icons in the bottom left; they switch quickly between the main screen, the config screen, and a troubleshooting console.

T-?: I'm losing track

A few days remain until I release SeeingStars: Real Time Odds for PokerStars on Mac OS XSign up here to be notified when we release AND get a 50% discount.I’ve spent recent days enjoying the three-day weekend we had here in Spain, and doing some essential things on my main product Poker Copilot. So I’ve fallen a little bit behind my self-imposed schedule for SeeingStars.I hereby grant myself an extension to the SeeingStars schedule. Another week or will help me do things properly.In the meantime, the draft SeeingStars website is ready. Take a look; keep in mind that it does still need some real content.