SeeingStars: Coding yet Procrastinating

A few days remain until I release SeeingStars: Real Time Odds for PokerStars on Mac OS X

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I spent two hard day’s (well, two hard half-day’s) coding, and realised that I was no closer to releasing SeeingStars at the end of the day. I had avoided doing the dull work that needs to be done to make sure SeeingStars works at all window sizes, and instead decided that the screen-scraping engine underlying SeeingStars just HAD to be turned into an independent service that I can run and use from Terminal. “To make it easier to test and support”, I told myself. “To make the code better structured and aesthetically pleasing”, I imagined. The truth was, I was simply procrastinating.

Better-structured, aesthetically pleasing code satisfies my somewhat OCD nature. Spending time doing this gives me the illusion of progress. But actually, for version 1 of a product, I believe the most important thing is getting something usable running in the hands of real users. Nothing beats delivery. I should make that a mantra:

“Deliver the product. All else is secondary”.


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