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SeeingStars: Demo Video

Here’s the demo video for SeeingStars:I wrote the script for this on the boat to Uruguay yesterday. On the boat back to Buenos Aires today I tightened it and worked on the accompanying video from a video recording I had made earlier of PokerStars with SeeingStars.Instead of using my own voice with the microphone on my MacBookPro, I decided to try an professional voice-over service, called VoiceBunny. Within an hour I had the voice track recorded on professional equipment by a voice that is apparently “English (England), Middle Age (40-65), Male”. Let’s see how it goes…I’m hosting the video on Wistia, a company I like using for hosting because it allows a lot of fine control over how the video is presented, and has excellent aggregate stats on which parts of the video are most watched, where people drop off, and so on.

SeeingStars: People are downloading it, using it, and giving feedback

I haven’t yet informed the SeeingStars mailing list that it is available. I’m enjoying the soft launch approach: I blog that it is available, and that’s all. Everyday a few more people download it. A couple of people have given good feedback. The current sales: $0. Ah yes, that’s the weakness to the soft launch approach!There are three things preventing a full launch:The website is not quite ready; we’re hosting on a WordPress site, run by WPEngine, and we haven’t quite worked out how to automate the some things that I want to have automated from day 1. My WordPress guy is working on it.It doesn’t work with 10-player tables. I thought PokerStars had abandoned 10-player tables, but that must just be the case for PokerStarsES, which is the Spain-specific version of PokerStars that I’m restricted to as a resident of Spain. I’ll need to think about a clever way to deal with this, perhaps while travelling later today by ferry from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay.I have to co…

SeeingStars Beta Updated

SeeingStars Beta 1.03 is now available to download.What’s Changed:Improved card recognitionFixed up the menu bar displayRemoved unneeded console panelTightened up the size of the SeeingStars windowDownload the update now.