SeeingStars: People are downloading it, using it, and giving feedback

I haven’t yet informed the SeeingStars mailing list that it is available. I’m enjoying the soft launch approach: I blog that it is available, and that’s all. Everyday a few more people download it. A couple of people have given good feedback. The current sales: $0. Ah yes, that’s the weakness to the soft launch approach!

There are three things preventing a full launch:

  • The website is not quite ready; we’re hosting on a WordPress site, run by WPEngine, and we haven’t quite worked out how to automate the some things that I want to have automated from day 1. My WordPress guy is working on it.
  • It doesn’t work with 10-player tables. I thought PokerStars had abandoned 10-player tables, but that must just be the case for PokerStarsES, which is the Spain-specific version of PokerStars that I’m restricted to as a resident of Spain. I’ll need to think about a clever way to deal with this, perhaps while travelling later today by ferry from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • I have to complete the demo video. Note to self: DO THIS! Perhaps tonight I’ll get a chance to do this, from my hotel room in Montevideo, Uruguay.


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