Why I like using Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are fast, cheap, and reliable. Usually you have to pick two out of three, but with AWS I get all three.

One of my uses for AWS is a MySQL database for tracking customer sign-ups and log-ins in Poker Copilot. It is a simple way to monitor usage patterns.

I’ve been moving around South America for the last ten weeks, running my business from hotel Internet connections. Every time I try to access this database, I find my access blocked, because access has to be granted to an IP address (or IP subnet) on a case-by-case basis. Each time I access the database from a different IP address I need to go into the AWS web-based console, and add my IP address (or to be precise, my CIDR/IP). Then, and only then, can I access the database.

It’s annoying. Because it is secure. Well, part of a secure configuration. And I like it. If I set up an MySQL instance myself on a rented virtual server, I’d need to set up this stuff. And I’d do it wrong, because setting up and maintaining a database server is not what I usually do. It’d be an after-thought.



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