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Evernote is in trouble; my software business beliefs are validated

A month ago at a conference I chatted with an ex-Evernote employee. I mentioned that they have a great, free, iOS scanning app. "Why do they give away such an excellent product?" I pondered aloud. He replied, "Evernote's reluctance to charge money frustrated me; it is a major reason for why I left."

Now I read that Evernote is in deep trouble:

Evernote has laid off roughly 18% of its workforce in the past nine months, and said it will shut down three of its 10 global offices last week.

Several former employees believe a lack of focus hampered Evernote's growth. Instead of focusing on its core note-taking product and on converting users to the paid service, Evernote spent more time releasing a bunch of new products and features that only helped it grab news headlines, they said.  For example, in early 2014, a former TechCrunch writer published a scathing blog post hammering Evernote’s glitch-filled product. Libin quickly addressed the issue, even persona…